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Our ideas

Defend our freedoms

The National Democratic Party aims to promote and defend the common good and European culture.

Our goals

  • A free Europe

    The National Democratic Party is a pro-European party, however, the European Union as we know it today, evolves more and more towards an Eurocracy that does not respect the will of the peoples of Europe.

    Europe has brought us peace, prosperity and well-being, but we can not conceive of a Europe that neglects the very identity of the peoples of our continent. It is indeed a historical, cultural and moral identity, even before being geographical, economic or political; an identity constituted by a set of universal values, which Christianity has helped to forge, thus acquiring a role that is not only historical, but also founding with respect to Europe.

    These values, which constitute the soul of the continent, must remain in the Europe of the third millennium as a ferment of civilization.

    DN desires to recover, guarantee and preserve national independence and freedom in a Europe liberated from the new world order. This order (whose secret motives are the destruction of our civilization) insidiously manages to lobotomize our brains of free men, to stifle the channels of our vital energy in order to train us on the lethal path of moral and racial decline

    The National Democratic Party propose :

    • A new Europe, powerful and independent of the foreign and financial tutels that enslave our continent ;
    • A Europe respectful of national and regional identities ;
    • A Europe proud of its thousand-year-old culture, of its Celtic, Greco-Roman, Germanic, Slavic and Nordic origins ;
    • A Europe proud of its ancient, Christian and humanist roots ;
    • A Europe proud of its age-old civilizing mission, whose glorious past is constantly degraded by the masochistic supporters of a fundamentally destructive and fiercely anti-Western ideology.

    Christianity is much more than a religion, it is the foundation of our european civilization

  • A Social Europe

    The goal of the National Democratic Party is a social Europe for all.

    We want a Europe concerned with social justice and respect for workers, with no disparities between Northern and Southern Europe, between Western and Eastern Europe. Standardization of protection levels and harmonization of the social rules of the different Member States will prevent these social disparities.

    We have to break with the spiral of falling labor costs, social competition and the intra-European disparity in wages, which reinforces the precariousness and the number of working poor.

    Immediately, we need to :

    • Guarantee a minimum wage per country ;
    • Stop extra-European immigration ;
    • Harmonize the cost of work.

    Christianity is much more than a religion, it is the foundation of our european civilization

  • A secular Europe

    Europe is composed of nation-states that are struggling, as best they can, to organize themselves in order to avoid falling back into their past rifts and reinforce each other in the competition caused by economic and cultural globalization.

    We are concerned about the fears in European society about Islamic fundamentalism. We must react, we must eradicate it from our society.

    We recognize the freedom of conscience but in Europe, the majority cult is Christianity, which is more than a religion, is the foundation of the morality necessary for the social bond.

    Europe is a land of cathedrals and of beffrois and not of mosques and minarets

  • No Turkey in Europe

    Turkey is not a European country and therefore has no place in Europe.
    Christianity is much more than a religion, it is the foundation of our european civilization

Démocratie Nationale

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